We believe in literal Bible interpretation and believe that Israel is saved as well as the Body of Born Again Believers. We also believe without Israel, there would be no redemption.

We invite you to read about our glorious future in the Lord

1. Online Bible KJV. We agree with those who profess KJV only (a few studies are in the NIV, but we have since abandoned all other versions).
2. Hebrew Greek Study Bible (KJV), edited by: Spiros Zodhiates, Th.D. AMG Publishers, Chattagnooga Tennessee 37422, USA includes Notes, Keyes, Lexical Aids, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and red lettering words Jesus spoke. We find the notes in this Bible to be the most accurate. The Bible was recommended by Apologetic Evangelist D. John Ankerberg.

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 They Refused To Love The Truth
 The Narrow Way
No Condemnation Now
The Authority Of The Apostles
Sabath Day
John 1:1 Home Page
 Accusing Within The Body Our Savior
 Who is God Anyway, How I can I be Sure I'm Saved?
Discussion about Petra / Armageddon
 Which Church Should We Join?
Judgment And Blessings
 What Must I Do To Receive The Holy Spirit?  Who Are The Chosen And The Called 
 Who is the Image of the Inivisible God, the Firstborn of Every Creature
 The Church
 The Trinity  Biblical Teaching of the Holy Spirit as a Person
 The Authority Of The Agency Representing Jesus Christ  The Eucharist Compared to Holy Communion
 The Two Witnesses  The Measure of Faith
Born Again  The Day of Christ versus the Day Of The Lord
God's Attitude About Debt  The Word Is In Us 
The Abrahamic Covenant Astrology & Familiar Spirits
 Faith Encouragement
 God and Marriage  The Importance Of Communion
 His Grace  Christianity
 Jesus Christ the Son  The Foundation Of The Church 
A Warning To New Age Lamentations
God's Gift To Us The Holy Spirit
  Pentecost Baptism Of The Holy Spirit  Barren, What Do I Do To Change it?
 Salvation Spirits
The River Old Testament Offerings
 The Meaning And Order Of The Feasts   Save Yourselves From This Untoward Generation 
The Cherub Lucifer  One God
 Unleavened Bread  Set Free From Accusers

Finding The Will Of God
It Is A Matter Of Just Believing 
The Sun Serves as a Signpost Glory, Glory Music
  Jesus Is Superior To Moses Classical Music
Sheol And Hades
The Ten Virgins
The Figtree
 The Cross And The Body 
Are You Called or Chosen?
Salvation I Q Test
Unequally Yoked
Fill, Fill, Fill with the Spirit or "spirit"?
Testing Bible Knowledge
What's In A Name
Death Under the Old and New Testament
The Sower
Who Is A Jew?
Who Is Our Enemy Lucifer
The Fruit Of The Spirit
God's Priesthoods
Idols And Charmers
Prophetic Gleaning
Painting of Jesus Going Home  
Praise Music (midi)
Which church should we join? A Second Study
The Two Judgments Identified by the Number Eight
The Holy Spirit
 Am I Born Again? Why Not Abort A Fetus
 Who are the Saints, 10,000s of Saints Who Come Back With Jesus Christ at the Second Coming  Is The Covenant at Camp David the Seven Year Covenant the Bible Designates as the Beginning of the Tribulation 
Experiencing God
The New Covenant Does It Abolish God's Law? In the Vanity of Their Minds

 A Believer's Confession
If There Are No Works Involved In Salvation Then Why Does The Bible State: "Faith Without Works Is Dead?"


Is The Great Pyramid An Altar To God

The Bride and the Prostitute
Jacob's Dream and A Warning to Israel
Israel the Prostitute The Book of Life



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28 Live Pre Trib Rapture Lessons

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