The Roman Union Convergence


Rapture Watch - 1/23/01 - The following paragraph is critical to understand if one is erroneously believing that there is no literal final seven year period prophesied to close out this age or if one believes half of the seven years has already been fulfilled in past history. This paragraph deals with undisputable Hebrew language designation, which refutes any other interpretation of Daniel 9:27 other than a final seven year period, which is to transpire sometime after Christ was crucified in 33 A.D. and after the city of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D.

In the Jewish Masoretic Text Daniel 9:27 reads: “And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week; and for half of this week he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease;”

Language scholars tell us that the first word in this Scripture, the word “and” in the original language is known as a waw consecutive. God’s use of a waw consecutive at the start of verse 27 makes an indisputable point, the point is that, that which is taking place in verse 27 is subsequent to what has taken place in verse 26. Verse 26 is likewise separated from verse 25. Verse 25 totals up sixty-nine sets of seven years. Verse 26 then speaks of an undetermined amount of time after the sixty-nine weeks are completed, when the Messiah would be killed and the city and Temple of Jerusalem would be destroyed by the people of a future prince who would come. Verse 27 then concludes separate in time from verse 26 according to the clear language usage of a waw consecutive. The final seven year period (or week) of Daniel’s prophecy (which is to total seventy weeks of years according to Daniel 9:24) is to then conclude separate, distinctly and completely at some future time.

The start of the final seven years is to be identified by the confirming of a seven year covenant with the people of
Israel by the prince who is prophesied to come forth from the people who destroyed the city and Temple of
Jerusalem. It was the army of the Roman Empire, which fulfilled this prophecy in 70 A.D. So as we approach the
close of the age, according to God’s Word the world should expect to see a restored Roman Empire, a Middle East crisis, which will require the strengthening of a seven year covenant, and a leader to arise over the new Roman

Here are the facts:

Since 1958 the Roman Empire has been undergoing a restoration as the modern-day entity known as the European Union. To remove any doubt, it should be pointed out that on the date of January 1, 1958, it was born in “Rome” with the signing of the document known as the 1957 “Treaty of Rome”.

Secondly, the European Union has increasingly become more prominent in its attempts to broker a Middle East peace with Israel and her neighbors. Both major blueprints for a peace accord in the Middle East for Israel have come out of European countries at Oslo and Madrid.

On January 22, 2001, it was reported in the Colorado Springs Gazette that another desperate attempt was underway to secure a peace agreement between Israel and her Moslem neighbors concerning the fate of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and the Palestinians before the February 6 Israeli elections. The ten days of intensive talks began on Sunday, January 21, at the Egyptian Red Sea resort in Taba. (New peace talks: U.S. not included in high-level Mid-East negotiations.)

On November 16, 2000, the reported that Egypt was seeking a restoration of the European Union in its role of Middle East peace partner, while reports out of Washington are indicating that America’s role in the peace process will diminish under President Bush. We quote: “Egypt’s Foreign Minister Amr Moussa Wednesday evening asserted the importance of the Euro-Mediterranean meeting to restore balance in the Middle East peace process... He urged Europe to play a more effective role in the peacemaking but getting seriously engaged in how to strike a balance in the regional peace process...

“We want to restore the European role to the peace process. The European-Mediterranean conference will discuss several economic issues. But what matters most is the political side and the Palestinian situation,” added Moussa... He called for serious candid discussions to forge a Mediterranean policy to support the Middle East peace process.

Moussa said that the agreement of France, the current President of the European Union, to hold a special meeting to the Middle East peace process and the situation in the Palestinian land, reflected Euro-Mediterranean interest.”

At present there are fifteen countries forming the core of the European union. The number of permanent European Union members is by no way fixed, and by God’s Word we are adamant that the European Union will one day be reduced to ten kingdoms under the rulership of the Anti-Christ.

At some point in the future, ten kings will arise from this struggling union to reign with the Anti-Christ over a vast portion of the earth. The European globalist entity, known as the ‘Club of Rome,” has already plotted world maps partitioning the earth into ten regions. Revelation 13:16-18 reveal how control will be exercised through a global economic and worship network, which will be maintained by a literal body marking system in conjunction with an incredible comprehensive data base. It is at this mid-point of the seven year covenant with Israel, that the Anti-Christ and his false prophet sidekick and the ten kings will turn against Israel. The man of sin will break the covenant he strengthened with the Jews, when they refuse to submit to this devil inspired system.

This financial system is what makes current events in Europe take on exciting dimensions concerning the lateness of the hour. A global economic system must first become the dominant financial medium of the world. In this regard, the Denver Post projected in a April 27, 1998, article titled “European currency nears...” that the “Euro market will be huge. It will be the world’s biggest single exporter and importer. And it will be center of a $2 trillion bond market... equal in size to the market for U.S. treasury securities.”

Next the currency must be heavily intertwined with computers and electronic funds in order for the comprehensive tracking and monitoring of persons described in Revelation 13:16-18 to be feasible.

According to the May 3, 1998, Denver Post article “Eleven nations to adopt the euro,” we find that the euro has already come into existence as computer money and in fact will not come into existence as cash and coins until January of the year 2002. Quoting we read:

“The euro will debut as a financial unit next January 4, but for all practical purposes it is here. Some financial dealers plan to begin trading in “gray-market” euros as early as Monday. Government finance ministers were preparing to announce rates at which their monies will be frozen against when the euro is actually put in place in 1999...the euro will be fully in effect, with the cash, bills and coins starting in circulation on January (2002).”

We submit that the final stage of producing cash and coins is not in the actual plan for Europe’s new money and that electronic funds controlled by a “mark” on an individual’s right hand or forehead is. Before anyone becomes to quick to dismiss this remark, we want to refer back to our ‘Raging Wind’ message, ‘Europe’s Mark to Control Currency, Banks, Wages and Welfare.’ In the message we quoted this item from the ‘Standardization News’ back when the European Union was known as the European Community.

“In order to take advantage of the European wide market, a U.S. manufacturer producing a “regulated” product in 1993 will be required to qualify under a certification system that requires an E.C. “mark”, the mark will have to be affixed to the regulated product in order to circulate it throughout the E.C.; one cannot market or sell a product unless it has the E.C. mark.”

Quoting once again from the Denver Post article, “European currency nears...” we read:

“Never before has a group of countries tried to introduce a common currency on such a scale without also forming a political union. Nor have political leaders worked together for so long to overcome historical divisions born of language barriers, cultural differences and war.”

Now let us read what God revealed about the final ten nation kingdom, which would arise just before He sets up His kingdom at the close of the age. Quoting from Daniel 2:42-44 we read:

“And the [ten] toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly fragile. As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men, but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay. And in the days of these [ten] kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed.”

All that is missing to complete the picture is our final point listed at the outset of our message and that is the man who will confirm a seven year covenant for the Middle East and will lead this revived Roman Empire.

The idea of a treaty for seven years will not be a newly introduced concept. As far back as October 2, 1988, the Jerusalem Post reported that Dr. Henry Kissinger, framer of the Camp David Israeli/Egyptian peace accord, stated that any future Middle East peace concerning Israel should have “an initial treaty lasting from five to seven years”.

Also the idea of a man leading the European Union has been considered and endorsed numerous times since the idea of a European Common Market was first introduced. The dream of consolidating rulership over the European Union still lives on, as can be verified by the BBC News report of January 9, 2001, titled “Prodi demands end to shared presidency”. We quote:

“The President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, has said that the system of rotating the union’s presidency every six months is “untenable” in the long term. In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Mr. Prodi said the current system - where each country takes its turn at the head of the union - is “ineffective political tourism”.

“We can’t go on spinning around like this. This is a big, big, big problem for us to work, like we do now, with different negotiating cultures and different people,” he said. The system could become harder to manage when the union expands, almost doubling its size from its current 15 members when mainly eastern European countries are admitted...”

These are the last days. Daniel received this prophetic word, while he was being held at Babylon, and interestingly an official poster of the European Union showed a defiant picture of the tower of Babel surrounded by twelve inverted stars. The tower of Babel as recorded in Genesis Chapter 11 was the first unified attempt to defy God under the leadership of one man. This generation is about to witness it again.

The removal of the true Church of Jesus Christ at the event known as the Rapture is very near at hand. The forced marking of the world’s populace will then take place only a few short years after this heavenly departure. Today, this very moment, is the time to put your faith in the shed blood of God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Don’t be one of those who will look back and weep over a neglected opportunity. It is at the cross where everlasting life is given.


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Jesus Christ is the only remedy for sin: “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).
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