The Meaning And Order Of The Feasts

A  summary of feasts with their implications  are: Pesach,  Passover, Crucifixion, when each family  sacrifices  one lamb  in remembrance of their rescue from bondage in Egypt. This feast was fulfilled by the sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST.

Hag-Ha-Matzot, Unleavened Bread, Purging Sin, all leaven is taken from  the  home during this week-long feast. The penalty  of  sin (leaven) was taken from mankind  and  placed on JESUS  CHRIST.

Bikkurim  (Sunday  after Saturday after  Passover),  Firstfruits, Resurrection.  A sheaf of grain from the first yearly harvest  is offered to the Lord. On Easter morning came the discovery of  the first one ever to be resurrected from the dead, JESUS CHRIST.

Shavout  (50 days after Firstfruits), Feast of Weeks,  Pentecost. Another  harvest sacrifice offered to the Lord  was  two  loaves baked  with  leaven. The promised Holy Spirit  came  and  indwelt believers  (both  Jewish  and Gentile [who  needed cleansing of leaven (sin)]). This combined group is called the Church or  body of JESUS CHRIST.

After  a  four  month gap, Rosh HaShanah  (Tishri  1),  Trumpets, Rapture.  A day of judgment and gathering which was announced  by an all-day blowing of trumpets. The hope of all believers is  the Rapture when they will be taken up into heaven by none other than JESUS  CHRIST.

Yom  Kippur  (Tishri  15), Atonement Day  SECOND  COMING  [occurs during the 7 year tribulation]. On this solemn  day  the  high priest offered a sacrifice for the sins of the nation [Israel]. A one-time  sacrifice for all mankind was made by the High Priest, JESUS CHRIST.

Succoth  (Tishri 15), Tabernacles MILLENNIUM. This festive  celebration commemorated God's provision in the past and His promised Messianic  Kingdom  of the future [the  Millennium].  The  coming Millennium  of  peace  will be ruled by the coming  King,  JESUS CHRIST."

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